Book Conversion Services

Book Conversion Services

Book Conversion Services Outsourcing India

Book Conversion Outsourcing Services

Conversion of books is done to digital the data and converted from printed format to electronic data. We are the top service providers of e book conversion on the whole world. Our services include e-book formatting and giving solutions for e-book conversion and online publishing. Our professionals who are skilled highly adopt needs for your book conversion on a large scale without forgetting the delivery deadline and compromising quality.

Conversion of Book Services include

  • Book conversion, catalogues and magazines
  • Conversion Services of E-book
  • Online Publishing Assistance
  • Conversion Services of Scholarly papers and E-research
  • Conversion Services of E-journals
  • Conversion Services of E-publishing
  • Conversion Services of E-brochures

Conversion of book can be done from source files like microfiche, newspapers. In addition we use optical mark reading, scanning, intelligent character recognition and optical character recognition techniques for effectual capture. We maintain various formats for headings, analogue, quotations, page numbers, endnotes, etc. and also make easy image color, image input, etc. We can include illustrations or pictorial representations in the e-book conversion.

Process of Conversion is listed below:

  • Mainline text cleaning
  • Scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition

Styling or Final Designing

  • Final Editing and Review
  • Proofreading
  • Conversion of file to any electronic format

Source data for conversion of book can be from

  • Journals
  • Articles
  • Whitepapers
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Brochure and Catalogues
  • Research and reports
  • Newsletters
  • E-books

Using the newest technology for over 10+ years of experience with brilliant workforce, our personnel can alter the original data into electronic format. Our experts team are well trained, more experience and knowledge about the matters like dealing with language, tools for conversion, format, etc. As per client requirements, styling and proofreading is also provided. It maximizes profitability and easy for book readable in the electronic format on a laptop, palm top, e-Book, notebook, mobile phone, etc. along with the other medium host.

We can help you match your conversion productivity to any electronic format publications

  • MS Reader
  • Html
  • Adobe PDF
  • Frame Maker
  • Kindle
  • Adobe Acrobat Book Reader Format
  • Corel Word Perfect
  • Quark
  • MS Word
  • MobiPocket
  • E-book Reader
  • ETL

We have supplied too many libraries for book conversion from magazines, journals, articles, novels, encyclopedias, research papers into e-libraries for publishing online. We can make your content online for book stores online without any errors with exact images and text. We can deliver the finished output with the help of website update, database update or we can courier to your doorstep if it is required urgently. The other different forms of data delivery are CD/DVD, FTP upload, transfer to storage services of media like hard disk, pen drives, etc.

Outsourcing Benefits to Allianze BPO

  • Larger marketability
  • Consistent services
  • Supportive formats compatibility
  • Less timeframe for delivery of data
  • Fuller use of resources and decreased capital
  • Top quality at actual price of 40%
  • Conversion of book to electronic format helps quicker check back and easy reference
  • We provide the omitted data's best detection
  • Saving on costs incurred on maintenance and restoration and priceless office space
  • Increase of circulation of books
  • Effectual practices of conversion of book and developed in-house techniques after many years of experience
  • 24 x 7 Customer support