Catalog Conversion

Catalog Conversion Services

Product catalogs are in trend nowadays in e-commerce websites as they provide the required information to the customer. Allianze BPO International provides the best catalog conversion services in India. The data reaches us in different formats like Excel, paper format, scanned documents, emails, images, or PDFs. All this need conversion before getting uploaded to the site. Through our catalog conversion services, users could get product descriptions, place orders, and view images.

Our Catalog Conversion services

With years of experience in the field, we provide catalog conversion services that allow the digitalization of catalog data and conversion into the format for your organization. Our services are:

  • Conversion to Microsoft Word

  • Conversion to PDF

  • Conversion to Microsoft Excel

  • Conversion to SQL

  • Conversion to Image

  • Conversion for Oracle Database
  • Conversion for Microsoft Access
  • Conversion to HTML / XML

Our Catalog Conversion WorkFlow

We make use of a systematic methodology for catalog data conversion. Thus outsourcing your online catalog conversion to us, would be beneficial in terms of efficiency.

Step 1 – Check the paper-based product catalogs sent by the client.

Step 2 – Online catalogs are designed. They are done by fulfilling the conversion services.

Step 3 – The user interface of the website is designed.

Step 4 – Image editing of the products are done.

Step 5 – Check the quality of the service performed.

Step 6 – Online catalogs are updated.

Need to choose Allianze BPO International

There are many pros while selling through an online store. Allianze BPO International being one of the global leaders in online catalog conversion would provide many benefits on outsourcing to us.

  • We provide attractive catalogs as per the user requirement.
  • Place information and index categorically.
  • Convert large volumes of catalogs.
  • Regularly update the online catalogs.
  • Achieve a fast turnaround time.
  • Provides 24/7 customer service.
  • Better security and quality check procedures.
  • Achieve cost-effectiveness.
  • Use of Professionally qualified experts, resources, and technology.

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By partnering with Allianze BPO International, an offshore outsourcing BPO company in India you can come across well- serviced product catalog data conversion. We regularly update the catalogs of the clients to provide updated information. For more information about our services and to discuss more on your ideas and projects, mail us at [email protected]

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