Digitization & Data Conversion

Digitization & Data Conversion Services

Digitization & Data Conversion Outsource India

Whichever your source elements, we have profound experience converting almost any original content structure into digital structure. We input, check, tag, catalog, label, and prepare electronic content for publishing to any output media forms- from e-books and PDFs to digital journals and reciprocal books. We have done many content conversions to digital and printed material each year into versatile, searchable digital assets. In the procedure, we apply the knowledge of subject material editors to make sure your output satisfy the highest quality anticipation.

Digital Content Generation

Whether you tend to be channeling regular digital publications for your readers, repurposing item or training info, Digitization legal paperwork, transforming print publications to eBooks, or preparing your articles for multimedia in HTML, our revolutionary content material and document transformation processes ensure your articles is transformed quick and low cost - with unmatched quality - letting you satisfy your audiences’ anticipation for timely and related digital material.

Standard input press includes:

  • Print publishing components
  • Microfiche together with microfilm
  • Application documents
  • Content conversion from data source

We offer smooth and quick content or document conversion to any media types such as:

  • Reciprocal textbooks
  • Websites

One of the important things in a publishing task may be the conversion of document, images or other physical products to digital files. Equipped with year’s experience, our team can aid you on the best digital format and may offer high quality and competitively cost-effective data conversion solutions.

OCR and Keyboarding or re-keying solutions:

We focus on high quantity data capture and content articles conversion, and also have handled unusual, high-value text and image material. We work using conventional publishing workflows and rekey released or unreleased work. Apart from OCR data catch, we have supplied keyboarding with assured precision rates.


We possess intensive experience in providing digitization, data conversion and e-book transformation services. At Allianze BPO International Company, we have the sources, know-how and knowledge in electronic conversion of big volumes of material: newspapers, pamphlet, magazines, articles etc. through both print and electronic image platforms.

Deciphering and Imaging solutions:

Our end-to-end print publishing and image resolution services meet equally print (usually required for pre-press and typesetting jobs) and web (for syndication on the internet, through light-weight EBooks and PDFs) needs.

Some advantages you will receive from us: -
  • Eradication of expensive physical storage
  • Fast, quick access to digital data
  • Extremely searchable material for fast access
  • Cleaning and combination of electronic records
Aims of content and digitization plan

Achieving and developing research needs
Creating a critical mass regarding content conversion, hence offering for new methods, unveiling previously concealed proof and opening new areas for research.

Revitalizing the economy, maintaining competition and acquiring abilities
Setting up new company models for electronic content and building the right abilities in making, describing, supplying and marketing digital content material for HE and above.

Trying and building communities
Applying innovative methods and technologies, for example crowd sourcing, to generate new types for social introduction and help create financially lasting digitization.