Allianze BPO International’s ePub conversion services have established high-standing acclaim in today's modern business world. Our outsource ePub conversions bring all-around prominence that facilitates exceptional digital capabilities to hard copy documents. With quality exposure and significant industry experience in ePub conversion, we cater to a diverse clientele of various industries, sizes, and scales that has made us one of the top ePub outsourcing companies in the world. ABI’s forefront solutions carried out for various ePub conversion in India is endless and suits any client specifications, at affordable prices.

We have equipped ourselves with cutting-edge technology in our outsource ePub services with broad personalization techniques to suit any challenging client requirement. We accept any source formats such as PDF, MS Word, PageMaker Image, scanned copies, HTML/XHTML, InDesign, Quark, print/hard copies, manuscript, text, and more, to make sure outputs are compatible with any electronic device (Kindle, tablets, smartphones, or online libraries) of your choice with seamless information access, search, and retrieval methods. We assure outcomes at the fastest TATs, highest quality, accuracy, economical pricing, and the best of data security.

ABI’s Outsource ePub Conversion Services:

  • ePub conversion to PDF

  • PDF to ePub conversion services
  • Printed/hard copy documents to ePub
  • MS Word to ePub
  • PPT files to ePub
  • Key presentation files to ePub
  • InDesign files to ePub
  • ePub files with audio embedding
  • Fixed Layout ePub
  • ePub with audio embedding

Why Outsource ABI’s ePub Conversion Services?

  • Output format compatibility to a wide range of smart or handheld devices.
  • Outsource ePub conversions offering expedite source file transformation into the desired electronic format of your choice.
  • Top-notch ePub conversion accuracy, ensuring error-free results.
  • Encompasses present-day technologies with futuristic ePub conversion in India.
  • We meet every client demand with our up-to-date proficiency and technology inclination that can take on any or new challenges.
  • Meticulous and full-range ePub Conversion processes.
  • Affordable outsource ePub conversions pricing with extreme scalability and flexibility.

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