Image Data Entry Services

Image Data Entry Services

Image Data Entry Services Outsource India

Image Data Entry Outsourcing Services

The changing structure of the organizations has led to many changes in the company. The companies are now flexible to adopting the latest technology and also maintaining the data using the state of art technology so that it does not become redundant. The organizations have various types of data entry requirements. The organization which deals with insurance and medical claims and any other applications forms requires having the services of Image data entry. At present the image data entry industry has been flourishing like anything. These companies need to scan the various documents received from their clients for the purpose of insurance or may be for applying to certain documents. The data has to be stored either in the form of databases or they are transferred to the excel spreadsheets.

Allianze BPO Provides Cost Effective Data Cleansing and Scrubbing

When a person does this manually it is very time consuming and long procedure. This requires skilled data entry operators and most required is the patience to entry every single bit of data into the system. Our organization Allianze BPO is a professional organization which provided excellent trained data entry operators. We have invested in the latest state of art technology which helps in better data entry. With the help of the latest technology we provide reliable data entry services and quality data entry to our clients.

We assure you that you shall get the right quality of work with minimal mistakes. We have various kinds of image data entry services which we provide to our clients. They are image data entry for processing of insurance claims, mediclaim documents processing, online and offline data entry. The other services provided in this category are processing of the document and management of the document, data capture and data conversion and outsourcing image entry. We also provide the clients the services of image resizing, cropping of the images, image conversion, editing of the image files. We also convert the manuscripts into the required format by the client. Our professionals also take up the image entry from the cards, legal documents, and also provide the image restoration services.

Our professionals at Allianze BPO convert the data from various sources of images. The images are obtained from different sources like the credit card application forms, application forms for passport, instruction manuals, manuscripts, rebate claims, various literary books and memos. When the data conversion is done from the image to the required format the data entry operator has to enter the data into the system and then once this is done the data is transformed into the required format. The output files differ as per the requirement of the clients.

We at Allianze BPO transform the data into various formats like Bitmap images, JPEG images Tiff images and PDF images. They can be even converted to photographs and also power point presentations if required. This all depends on the requirement of the client. Our company follows a very strict and specific stringent quality process. Once the data is entered into the system we follow a series of quality checks to remove any kind of small error so that we can provide an error free work to our clients.

Once the entire quality check is done the entire transformed data is converted into a CD or it may be sent thru email or it may be uploaded on the server as required by the client. Our main highlights are our quality pricing, working with the latest available technological instruments, maintaining confidentiality of the business, excellent quality check processes and the most important the timely delivery of the work to our clients.