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Allianze BPO International offers the best OCR and ICR outsourcing services. We provide our services to the industries like legal sector, healthcare, banking, education, finance, and government sectors. Hard copy records, archives, periodicals, historical books, old transcripts, survey forms, medical forms, banking forms, insurance forms, and bill remittance forms could make use of our OCR ICR techniques.

Allianze BPO International comes up with a simple OCR and ICR process. Just have a look through it.

OCR Workflow

In Optical Character Recognition (OCR), text within the images is found and read by the computer. Finally, we get an editable text as the output. The input image in TIFF or JPEG is converted to output formats like DOCX, ODT,RTF,TXT,HTML,XML and PDF.

1. Open images
  • We open the desired image formats and sent them for scanning. The scanning process is done with the help of an optical scanner.
2. Prepare images
  • Splitting of multiple page files into single pages to increase scalability and speed on multiple cores machines.
  • Rotate the images to read the text.
  • Clean the images to remove the scanning dust.
3. Analyzing the layout
  • Here we get the reading order of the texts.
  • Analyze the text blocks and detect the lines and find/identify individual characters.
4. Read individual characters
  • Check the characters whether it is 0 or O, 0, or A.
5. Rebuild text to word level
  • Here the characters used and allowed in the language are checked, based upon the internal recognition settings, set up. Also, morphology and linguistic dictionaries are used.
6. Export
  • Export the recognized text providing details on character positions, fonts, a word in dictionaries, etc.
7. Reconstruct and Synthesize the original layout
  • For different output formats, the layout is reconstructed. Generally, office formats, HTML, PDF, eBook formats are used.
8. Reconstruct the logical structure of the output file.
9. Save the output documents to the RAM and provide them to the end-users.

ICR Workflow

Intelligent Character Recognition(ICR) is a handwriting recognition technology. The input is a handwritten text in the form of images or printed form. While the output could be DOCX, TXT, and PDF. Though our workflow,

1. A handwritten or printed form to be checked is given as input and the scanning process is done.

2. The input form and the standard template are checked for matching.

3. Reading the handwritten or printed data form.

4. Recognized characters are given a confidence value and are sent for validation.

5. Low confidence characters that fail validation are given for manual review and correction process.

6. After the correction of errors, the desired output format is obtained.

Our benefits for you

Better Accuracy

We provide you with error-free documents, thereby ensuring better accuracy.

Best Editable documents

You can achieve the best editable documents from us using OCR ICR. Files that require constant updating and correction could benefit from us.


Allianze BPO International provides you with digital documents. Thereby getting free from paper documents. Hence offering you better security.

Better Customer Service

With our simple OCR and ICR processes, we could provide customers with documents of better quality and in time. Hence better customer service.

Paper free management is not far away. With years of experience in the field, our experienced professionals, resources, and software systems ensure to provide you the best result. For more information regarding our OCR ICR services drop us a mail at[email protected]

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