Pharmaceutical Research Services

The pharmaceutical industry has seen an increase in the demand for pharmaceutical clinical research services. Even though it is benefited from the R&D team, pharmaceutical marketing research also plays a major role. The fact is that it requires a large number of professionals, resources, and researchers who must have in depth knowledge of the research techniques.

Thus, outsourcing pharmaceutical research to pharmaceutical market research companies is taking place extensively today. We Allianze BPO International with our experts in the field provide you with better quality research services.

Our Services

Through Allianze BPO International, the following services could be achieved.

Medical Writing Services

Our professionals who are best in the medical field and who can understand the medical terminology are utilized to provide medical writing services in a precise and required format. Clinical study reports, informative brochures, research papers, thesis, whitepapers, manuscripts, patient records, and journals are some of our medical writing services.

Affinity Analysis

Here, Allianze BPO International aims at text mining. Through this, the historical records, drugs used, treatment details, hospital details, and patient information is extracted and used for market research. It also includes numerical data mining. Here the quantitative information is collected. It includes the number of days within which the cure has been completed, hospital stay, medicines used, and their quantity. These details are analyzed and given for market research.

Patent Landscape Analysis

It gives details about the status of the patent application of the different technologies used. They could be local, global, or regional.

Market Basket Analysis

Through MBA, we find out the relationships among pharmaceutical-based active ingredients and diagnoses provided to different patients.

Our Workflow

With over years of experience in pharmaceutical clinical research services, Allianze BPO International has developed a well-defined workflow for pharmaceutical research. The workflow steps are:


Find the requirements for the analysise


Achieve a proper flow for the research


Gather data for analysis


Combine the data based on the requirements


Perform analysis to achieve the requirements


Report formation


Provide the end report to the client

Benefits of choosing Allianze BPO International?

By outsourcing the pharmaceutical clinical research services to us, we provide the below benefits. Some of them are:

  • Use of the latest methodologies, tools, and infrastructure.
  • Provide accurate and presentable reports to the clients.
  • Could handle a large volume of requirements cost-effectively and efficiently.
  • We provide services outside India like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Spain.
  • Unlike any pharmaceutical research company, we could also handle a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical research.

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Allianze BPO International is one of the global leaders in pharmaceutical research development. We are one of the best helping hand for the pharmaceutical companies through our research services. So partner with us and achieve our endless benefits in less time. To contact us, mail at [email protected]

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