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Flavorful Restaurant Menu Solutions.

With the rapid growth in digitization in the various business sectors, the restaurants are also aiming to display their presence on different online platforms. Today, the concept of ordering the food online has gained a wide prominence than the people visiting the restaurants for dining. Various mobile applications have emerged up wherein people can order the food online or make an online dining reservation.

Restaurant menu data entry is one of the unique and credible services offered by Allianze BPO International. We mostly deal with a variety of menu data entry projects and nutrition data entry tasks at a low price. Our efficient team of data entry operators will ensure to deliver an excellent package consisting of the praiseworthy result.

Our Restaurant Menu Data Entry Digitization Process:

  • • We accept the input files in any format such as PDF, scanned documents, and eFax.
  • • We carry out manual data entry or OCR (as per client’s needs), in order to record your input needs.
  • • Removal of capitalizations, updating the pricing details, modifying the existing menu item descriptions
  • • Upon the request of the customer, we will create multiple output files including the identification and segregation of main menu items, combo meals, or special packages.
  • • Our team will import the output file into your database and keep them under constant update. The result can be offered in any formats such as MS Excel, CSV, XML, HTML).

A customer after entering a restaurant will always analyze the restaurant menu or even while surfing through a restaurant’s website. Our solutions can be tailored or customized in a variety of ways to have your restaurant menus to retain a fresh and standardized outlook. A routine menu variation can be seen in almost all restaurants, though updating it daily still remains as an issue for restaurants. Allianze will assist and support your restaurant business effectively to update your menus over various online global platforms.

Maintaining customer and client satisfaction alike is one of our top priorities apart from our quality services. We provide periodical updates and better communication that concerns your project as per the time period that you prefer either daily, weekly or on monthly basis. We offer related data mining services as well to extract relevant restaurant related data.

If you feel we can meet up your expectations, you can drop us an email at [email protected].