Contact Discovery Services

Contact Discovery Services

Sales Contact Discovery Services Outsource India

Customer interaction is possible in effective way

We think that a complete functioning contact center is information goldmine. If you think that you sales team is spending a good sum of time on navigating target accounts in order to identify right contacts, then you should adopt some other techniques which can help sales team to find contact with ease. It is a frustrating process to go through contacts over and over again and wasting time on irrelevant data can lead to loss of productivity.

Our support team will strive for the first contact resolution in our customer interactions. Our quality assurance processes will help you get guarantee on consistent levels of service and also establish secure networks that can ensure 24 hours uninterrupted service. We are here to save a lot of time by ensuring that all your contacts are truly relevant and also complete. They need to be fresh and validated which helps in business growth.

Our contact discovery services come up with best-of-breed tools which are accompanied by a large team of experts that can develop database of Right Party Contacts, influencers and also decision makers in target market. Some of the reasons why contact discovery service is unique and helpful:

  • Maintain high level of accuracy
  • Fully compliant with selection criteria
  • Verified email address and also direct contact numbers that are included
  • Custom formatting of contact database depending on your CRM upload requirements
  • No data duplication
  • Customized contact lists available on demand
  • Global coverage all around the world available in different time zones

What you can give us?

  • Give us a list of domains of visitors to website
  • A list of suspect titles

What you get from us?

We are responsible for sending you periodic list along with contact information of suspect titles that may include relevant data points as per your needs. This will enable you to leverage and also monetize the investment that you have done in this service which will help to generate more traffic to website. You will be getting the ability of enjoying valuable visitor data. The relevant contacts can evolve the sales team and follow the different forms of metrics.

  • You have the opportunity to work within your CRM or also through offline database
  • You can make use of same service to enrich existing accounts database
  • All the contact information will come up with our guarantee and it is 100% accurate

B2B email append

Email communication has turned out to be the important source of communication in current business world and it is better than any conventional means like fax, phone and express delivery. If you want to maximize ROI from email campaigns, it is essential to focus on fresh and updated prospect discovery services. The updated address of targeted email recipient in current contact database can help to achieve success.

The existing database will comprise of current details and stale and inactive email addresses need to crash down in order to enhance the marketing initiatives. With our B2B email appending services you can take email marketing to a new level which can allow you to add active email addresses to existing database.